Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What's In My Handbag!

Hey lovelys, So today im just going to do a what's in my handbag post, i really dont have much at all, in my handbag, i don't even really keep make-up in it, i feel that i realy dont need to take make-up with when i go out, so i'm just going to get right into for ya'll.

So firstly, i have a 'blue bird' hand bag, this was i think around $40 but it was on sale and i think i got it for about $20, it's got ruffles in the font, and floral print under all the ruffles, the same floral print is also on the inside of it, thats also why i bought it, i absolutely love florals, plus i loved the ruffles, it's also got plated straps, with silver hardware.

So i have my wallet, this is a Billabong wallet, as you can see, you can just see leaf and flower imprints on the front, im not sure if you can get this anymore, i got it from a local, surf shop.

I have white glo, tooth picks, never know when you need them.

I have Dettol hand sanitizer, it's good to keep with you, when you're out and about.

Next i have a Le Tan, coconut sunscreen lotion, i mainly keep it as a mini hand cream, rather then sunscreen.

A note pad, never know when you need to write something down.

A pen, of course, to write into the note pad.

and lastly, my lipgloss, i always keep that in my handbag!

So that's basically it, nothing to fancy, as you can see, needing to know anything just leave a comment, ill get back to ASAP! i hope you guys enjoyed. x

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