Saturday, 21 April 2012

Product Review!

Hey lovelys, so today im just going to be doing a product review, i've actually had this product for a while, i was using it last Summer, so i've had it for a while, and i've only used it once, so ill just get right into it.

So, the product is Johnsons gradual tan lotion, like i said before, i was using it last summer, and i ended up using it morning and night, then i started just putting in on of a night, i only ended up doing it for about 5 days to a week, and i have to say i did see a different in my skin after about 3 days of use, you get a very nice light tan, not to dark, but if you wanted it darker you can obviously, keep applying it, there is also a face lotion aswell, both pictures are below, but the face one does the exact same thing, gives you a nice glow, but remember to rub it evenly. i have to say, this is a fairly good product, there isn't any cons at all, well i dont think so.

that's basically it, i hope you all enjoyed, leave a comment if you're wondering on anything! <3

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