Saturday, 18 August 2012

Quick Mini Update!

Hey lovelys, so i thought i'd update you, i haven't been posting as much as i would of liked, i've just been having a few family issues going on, also i do have a haul coming up for you all, i'm not entirely sure when it'll be up, but i know it's going to be very soon, and i'm so sorry for the lack of posts!

Much Love,
Zoe <3

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Miley Cyrus Signed Poster!

Hey lovelys, so are any of you guys a Miley Cyrus fan and always wanted a signed poster? Well you're in luck, i was searching through Gumtree earlier, and came across a signed poster by Miley Cyrus, if any of you guys are interested, i will leave the link for it below, and good luck to whoever purchases it!

This post is a pretty short one, but just wanted to kind of update ya'll on that, and once again good luck lovelys!

Gumtree Link;

Did ya'll have a look?
Ya'll interested in it?
and would any of ya'll buy it?

I hope ya'll enjoyed my little post, if needing to know anything just leave a comment below, and i'll get back to ASAP, love ya'll <3 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Perfume; Fergie - Outspoken

Hey lovelys, so today, i'm just going to do a quick post on a perfume, that i absolutely love, it's outspoken by fergie, it was originally $50 and i got it free from working At Avon, i was very lucky to get it free to be completely honest, i don't really wear this perfume that much, as i'm living with  peolpe who are very sensitive to perfumes.

The smell of it, is a bit like a musky smell, which i love, it is a little strong, so as they say, a little goes a long way, i'm not intirelly sure, if you can get this perfume overseas, e.g; USA, Europe, etc.. i really don't have to much to say about it at all, but i thought i'd put this post up for you guys anyway!

That's it for todays blog post, i hope you guys some what enjoyed it, if you're needing to know anything, then just leave a comment and i'll get back to you ASAP <3.

Have you got this purfume?
Have you tried it and/or liked it?


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Collective Haul; Target, Kmart, Chemist!

Hey lovelys, So today i have a collective haul for you, this is over about 2-3 weeks, some things, i had only bought Yesterday, So lets jump right into it!

The first thing i picked up was another Revlon nail polish, This one is more of taupey brownish colour, it's very elegant, and very put together! The name is 380 ELEGANT.

So the next thing i had picked up was about 3 or so weeks ago, and i've really been into wearing mens jumpers for winter, this jumper, i had picked on special, it was orginally $50, it was 40% so i had gotten it for $20, Bargain right?

So the next thing i bought, was a light cardigan, this was about $15 i think, i think it was originally $25, so another bargian!

Then i picked up, just a basic plain grey V neck shirt, this was on special for $3 and i think it was originally either $15 or $20.

So the last thing, i bought was a light weight scarf, i got this from Kmart, for $8, cheap, huh?
So that is everything for my Haul, i hope ya'll enjoyed it, if you're needing to
know anything just leave a comment below, and i'll get back to you ASAP. <3


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Update; I'm back, Middle parts, Pinterest!

Hey lovelys, so todays blog post is just going to be a quick update for ya'll, on where i've been, i've noticed, i've lost a huge amount of traffic on my blog, and i haven't had many more followers, which is sad, but it will eventually get there, hope!

So, for the past 3-4 weeks, i've been away from my Blog, i've had a lot personal stuff going on, i'm not going to go into to much details, i've also been quite stressed a lot lately, and with that said, i've a snappy, and i've been braking out, it just isn't great, and it's really unmotivated me from writting on my blog, which isn't good, because i really enjoy writting about stuff i love, so all of you guys can read it, and so forth, it actually relaxes me, and makes feel like i accomplished something.

The other day i actually ended up doing something a bit different with my hair, i did a middle part, now a middle part is one of those things, that you either love or hate, and personally i love it, so i finally decided to give it a try, and i don't mind it on me actually, i've been told that i actually look like an actor?!

I also not long ago, got pinterest, probably about a month ago, and i havent been able to get a chance to talk about it in my blog, so i thought i would now, there isn't much to talk about it, apart from, you guys can follow me if you like, it's just where i can kind of get inspired, and it's really fun, i'll have it linked below for ya'll.

so i think that wraps up for my blog today, i love ya'll who take the time to read my blog, it is very much appreciated, <3


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lip Gloss!

Hey lovelys, so today, i'm just going to be talking about the Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lip Gloss, and i actually had this sent to me, in the mail, as i also had won this off the Bourjois fan site, well they were giving away 200 lip glosses, i will link their fan page below.

Bourjois Fan Page;

So before, i had actually had my lip gloss turn up in my mail box, i really didn't understand why it was so good, So i looked it up, and was quite shocked knowing what it actually does when it's on you'r lips.

When you apply it to you'r lips, it's translucent, and then turns to the right shade of pink by the PH balance of you'r lips, when i heard it did that, i was more and more excited to recieve it, Once i did, i ripped the packaging open and put it onto my lips, and it turned into a dark dusty pink, it looked amazing, it also has a brush applicator, which is good, the only thing i don't like about it, is that it's sticky, very sticky, i don't really like that, and i noticed if you try to take it off, it leaves you'r lips sticky, so it basically leaves a residue behind, which isn't nice either.

The smell of it is yummy, it smells a bit like candy to me,  Honestly, i don't mind the lip gloss, apart from it being sticky, and the tub that it comes in, isn't very big, and it's apparently around $22, which is pricey for a lip gloss, but you also have to consider, on what it does, if they made the consistancy not so sticky, i think i'd deffinitely buy it, Hands down!

So that is my thoughts on the Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lip Gloss, and i'll put a picture of it below, for you all, and i hope you enjoyed!

 Have you tried this lip gloss?
Would you buy it?

Monday, 25 June 2012

Updated Face Care Routine

Hey lovelys, So Hello again, i haven't been posting for a few weeks, i'm so sorry, i actually have had a fair bit going on in my life at the point, But i'm back now, and ready to start posting again!!

So todays post is going to be an Update face care routine, so also in the few weeks that i've been away from blogging, i was having a hard time with my skin, i broke out really bad, from a product i had used twice, i ended up with about 5-6 pimples, and i had a really bad one on my chin at the time aswell, i ended up talking to my nan about it, because it was really getting to me, and it looked terrible, and she said, that i need to stop using the face product that i was using and just use normal Anti-Bacterial hand wash on my face and not to moistourise my face, so when she had told me that, i was drinking plenty of water, washing my face atleast 3 times a day with Anti-Bacterial hand wash, and after about a week of doing that, it cleared up, but i did of course end up with a little bit of scaring from constantly touching them, etc..

So now that i just wanted to tell you guys the situation, i'm still currently doing the same thing as i explain above, my skin, has broken out again, i'm really not sure why, but aside from that, i'll just tell you the Routine.


i just wash my face with Anti-Bacterial hand wash, i'll put a picture below of it, don't mind the awkward picture of it, i actually had taken it in the first place, because it reminded me of a Nebula;

Next step; i just moisturise, i will either use my Clean&Clear moisturiser, or a heavier one, when my skin is a lot dryer from the winter wheather;

And the my heavier moisturiser;


I basically, do the exact same thing of a night as i do in the morning!

So that is basically it for today, and i hope you enjoyed it, if you're needing to know anything, just leave a comment below and i'll get back to you! <3

Do you like any of these products?
Do you use any of these products?