Sunday, 29 April 2012

DIY; Sugar Lip Scrub!

Hey Lovelys, So today, im just going to do a DIY on a suagr lip scrub, very easy to make, you can do it all different ways, i just prefer this way, so lets get into it!

Sugar Lip Scrub;
what you need; you'll need a small bowl, extra virgin olive oil, or just olive oil, raw sugar or just white sugar, a spoon and a container to store it in!

1. put 2 tablespoons of you'r raw or white sugar, which ever will be perfectly fine!

2. next add a table spoon of the olive oil, mix it, had another tablespoon if needed, so if its to runny add more sugar, if it's to think add more olive oil.

3. once all combined place into you'r jar and you're done!

How To Apply;

Okay so, just dap some warm water onto you'r lips, you can use you'r finger or a toothbrush, get a small about and rub it onto you'r lips for a good 1-2 minutes, wash off with warm water and apply a mousturising lipbalm or lip gloss.

you can do this in the morning or night, i prefer to do it of a night before i go to bed!

i hope it was helpful for you all, and the picture above, i not own it!! if ya'll want to know anything about this, just leave a comment below, and ill get back to you ASAP! <3 

Huge Thanks + Shout out

Hey Lovelys, so today, I just want to give a huge thanks to Kelsey and Helen for being my last 2 followers to get me to 10 followers and I know that isn't much, but to me it is, and im so appreciated that they followed me, thank you do much Lovelys! And I will also put there blogs below, so you guys can go check them out, they both have amazing blogs and I think they'd appreciate it a ton!

Kelsey Lenay;

Helen* ;

Thank you so much to both of you and thanks so much to the rest of my followers I love you all!!

This picture below is irrelevant to my blog but I thought it would be so cute!!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Product Review; Palmers Lip Butter!

Hey Lovelys, so today im just going to do a product review, on the Palmers Lip Butter in Dark Chocolate And Peppermint, its gots vitamin E in it, to help sooth you'r lips out, this stuff is amazing, if you have really dry lips i recommend it, if you use constantly for about a week, you will feel and see a huge difference, the peppermint also gives your lips a slight cooling sensation, nothing to dramatic, you can only just feel it, it also doesn't have a taste to it all only a smell, and it is also clear, Palmers do have another flavour in this and i think its a cherry flavour, im not to sure, this stuff really does work and it's amazing, i dont think is any cons what so ever, so i highly recommend it!

So that's about it for the product review, if you have any question about it, feel free to leave a comment below, and i will reply back to ASAP! hope you all enjoyed. <3

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Updated Face Care Routine!

Hey Lovelys, so today im just going to be updating my face care routine, there isn't much now that i use, so ill just jump right into it.

every morning and night i wash my face with the clean and clear, self-foaming facial cleanser, there's a  picture below, this product does work, it makes you're face feel fresh, also i do use my Biore SteamActic cleanser if i have been out and about and getting all sweaty and dirty!

Next thing, i do is, put the clean and clear oil controlling toner on my face and neck, i just apply a bit of it to a make up pad and wipe it on my face,

Once the toner has dried, i use the clean and clear, essentials face cream, this stuff is amazing it absorbes really quickly and it's very light weight, all the clean and clear products i've just shown, none of them will clog you'r pores!

Every month, i will use the Biore pore strips, to just get all the dirty, grim in my pores, and if i end up have a sudden appearance of a pimple i will of course squeeze it, clean it and place some of the garnier PureActive roll on, to it, and i do that morning and night until its gone down and the redness is gone from it.

So that's about it, i hope you guys enjoyed, and leave a comment if needing to know anything! <3

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What's In My Handbag!

Hey lovelys, So today im just going to do a what's in my handbag post, i really dont have much at all, in my handbag, i don't even really keep make-up in it, i feel that i realy dont need to take make-up with when i go out, so i'm just going to get right into for ya'll.

So firstly, i have a 'blue bird' hand bag, this was i think around $40 but it was on sale and i think i got it for about $20, it's got ruffles in the font, and floral print under all the ruffles, the same floral print is also on the inside of it, thats also why i bought it, i absolutely love florals, plus i loved the ruffles, it's also got plated straps, with silver hardware.

So i have my wallet, this is a Billabong wallet, as you can see, you can just see leaf and flower imprints on the front, im not sure if you can get this anymore, i got it from a local, surf shop.

I have white glo, tooth picks, never know when you need them.

I have Dettol hand sanitizer, it's good to keep with you, when you're out and about.

Next i have a Le Tan, coconut sunscreen lotion, i mainly keep it as a mini hand cream, rather then sunscreen.

A note pad, never know when you need to write something down.

A pen, of course, to write into the note pad.

and lastly, my lipgloss, i always keep that in my handbag!

So that's basically it, nothing to fancy, as you can see, needing to know anything just leave a comment, ill get back to ASAP! i hope you guys enjoyed. x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

OOTD; Outfit Of The Day!

Hey Lovelys, so today is just going to be an outfit of the day! yay! so this outfit is very basic but yet cute, and now thats its Autum here, its going onto Winter, so it's starting to get a bit colder, and really can't wait for Winter, layers on layers, So i'll just get right into the outfit!

First is the shirt, a cute butterfly batwing shirt, now if you wear low waisted jeans or low waisted shorts, you will most likely see some of you'r tummy, if you're a bit hesitant to show your tummy, you can always wear a singlet underneath, totally up to you, this was orginally i think $35 or $40, i had actually got it on sale for $5 i think, im not to sure, i ended up purchasing that at Target.

Next, is my jeans, just black skinny jeans, this were about $40 from JayJays,

Next is my shoes, these where bought from Kmart, they had costed me about $40-$50, very comfortable shoes to wear, and i find they don't hurt you'r feet either, the brand of these are Sugar, im not sure, if they have a website, ill check that out for you guys, and ill put the link in the comments.

Next is Accessories, this necklace, i had also bought from Kmart, and it had costed about $10-$15, i have to say, its pretty good quality.

last but not least, the rings, the gold ring, is of course real, its i think 8 carrot gold, my bother had actually bought that for me, and the other silver ring, was also given to me by my nan, that is also real, im not sure what type silver it is, but the stones in it a real.

That's basically it for my OOTD, i hope you guys enjoy, need to know anything, comment below, ill get back to ASAP! <3 x

Monday, 23 April 2012

How I Straighten My Hair!

Hey Lovelys, so today basically all I wanted to talk about was how I straighten my hair, I really do not do anything special, as always I apply a heat protectant, but right below in going to add a picture of exactly what my hair looks like straightened usually I curl my hair, but I decided to just straighten it yesterday, so basically I part it in half at the back and start straightening from the from bits of hair back, and that's is really about it!? But if you have any questions just leave a comment below and I'll get back to you, and sorry for the bad quality picture!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Product Review!

Hey lovelys, so today im just going to be doing a product review, i've actually had this product for a while, i was using it last Summer, so i've had it for a while, and i've only used it once, so ill just get right into it.

So, the product is Johnsons gradual tan lotion, like i said before, i was using it last summer, and i ended up using it morning and night, then i started just putting in on of a night, i only ended up doing it for about 5 days to a week, and i have to say i did see a different in my skin after about 3 days of use, you get a very nice light tan, not to dark, but if you wanted it darker you can obviously, keep applying it, there is also a face lotion aswell, both pictures are below, but the face one does the exact same thing, gives you a nice glow, but remember to rub it evenly. i have to say, this is a fairly good product, there isn't any cons at all, well i dont think so.

that's basically it, i hope you all enjoyed, leave a comment if you're wondering on anything! <3

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mini haul!

Hey Lovelys, So today i'm just going to a mini haul, i went out the other day, and there was so many cheap specails going on, i couldn't pass it up!! so ill just get right into it

first of all, i ended up getting a Rokk Ebony pack, it was worth over $45 and i got it for $15 what a bargain right? so as you can see below, i've only got the shampoo and conditioner in 'heat' so for styling, in the pack it came with, the shampoo and conditioner, a heat protectant, a microfibre hair towel and a paddle brush, i actually gave my Grandmother, the hair towel and the paddle brush, now i think each bottle of stuff ranges between $15-$20 so they're pretty pricey!

2nd product, is the Rokk Ebony, heat protectant, this is of course the one i got out of the pack also, im not sure how much this ranges between, most probably between $13-$15.

3rd product, is a dry shampoo, now i usually just use talc (baby powder) in between washes, but i thought, no, i should try out a dry shampoo, so while i was shopping i saw, the 'Cedel, dry shampoo' i yet haven't tried this, but this had cost $7.99, also pretty pricey.

so the last thing i had got, was a packet of nail polish removal wipes, so basically they are already, soaked with nail polish remover, this little container contains 30 wipes, and this cost $1.50, How cheap is that?

So i hope you all enjoyed, and i'll talk you all later! <3 Oh and if you need to know anything, feel free to comment and i'll get back to ASAP!

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Hey Lovelys, sorry i havent been posting lately, im so sorry, i've  just been so busy, forgive me?
so it's just going to be a short update post, just saying that, i havent been able to post for a while, i've just been so busy with things lately, there will hopefully be a post up tomorrow, if not tomorrow night, so ill talk to you all then! <3

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hair Tip!

Hey Lovelys, ever had really oily hair the 2nd last or the last day before you wash you'r hair? Well I know some people can't just go out and buy a dry shampoo or anything like that, so I'm just going to tell you what you can use that will do the same thing, now I'm pretty sure everyone should have this around there house, I've always got it, it's talc (baby powder) you can use any sort of talc it's personally up to you, what I do is if its the 2nd last day before I wash my hair, I put talc onto my roots and tie my hair up and sleep with it in, you don't need to wash it out or anything, you just leave it in and it will soak up all the oil, I can assure you that it works, it always works for me!
There's a little tip, hope you all enjoyed! <3

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Hey Lovelys, so today, I'm just going to post up a few pictures of nail polish swatches of the ones I had bought yesterday, I have to say they look so darn cute on, and the nude colour you can basically, match any outfit with it!! So I'll just get right into it

The first picture, is the the 'nude' and the colour called 'salmon' as the accents, the one called 'salmon' is like a coral but in some lights is looks like a coraly orange, the light purple I yet haven't tried, but when I do I will defiantly get a picture up!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mini Nail Polish Haul!

Hey Lovelys, So today I went out and I ended up buying 3 nail polishs, 2 of them were on sale and the other was normal price, now I don't usually buy the brand that I did as a rule, but they are pretty good and cheap, and I couldn't pass up the the 2 nail polishes that were so cheap, so I'm going to get started.

This first one, is a mood changer, now this only changes colours with you'r temperature, this is called 'Salmon' so it's mainly a coral colour, it's gorgeous on, and this one was only $4.00, so cheap.

The second one, is a nude colour, this looks great on and the name of it is, '07 Nude' and this was only $2.00, this one was on sale, let's just take a moment at how cute the packaging is?

The last one, is a purple, and this one is called. 'light purple' I yet haven't tried this one, but I will defiantly be trying it tomorrow, and this was also only $2.00.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Face Care Routine!

Hey Lovelys, so today, im just going to be doing a face care routine, there, really isn't much at all, i barely use any products, so im just going to jump right into it

So the first thing i do, is wash my face every morning and night, now i don't use a specific product apart from my Biore Steam active face wash, i use this only when i've been active, i just use normal hand wash soap, i felt that my other  face product that i was using before, was drying my face out, and when i didn't moistourise my face would go flaky.

secondly, i pat my face dry and put on a moistouriser, the moistouriser i use, is the clean and clear, essentials moustouriser, this is amazing, is greasy nor clog you'r pores.

After washing my face and my skin is really badly dry, i use this baby, and this is Johnson&Johnsons baby sorbolene cream, this is actually helps to get rid of the dry flaky skin.

That basically is it for my cleansing face products, but as far as pore and and brake outs are, i do use the biore ultra pore strips for my nose, these thing are amazing, but i noticed is that i had to actually steam my face first then, use the biore pore strips.
Also, when it comes to brake outs, i do squeeze the "pimples" but afterwards, i put on this PureActive, Spot roll on, this actually helps to dry the pimple and reduce the redness around it.

That is basically all for my skin care routine, i hope you guys enjoyed, there will also later be a video, of my photography, is you're interested, stay tuned, Love you all! <3

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Cute Up-Do!

Hey Lovelys, so today I'm going to do a hair tutorial, very basic but yet simply, hope you guys like it!

French braid with hair ribbon!

1. So brush you'r hair out as normal you can use a hair wax, or a foam which ever product you'd rather like to use!

2. Grab the front piece at you'r hair like, like you would when you're doing a "puff" (like snooki).

3. Now split that section into 3 pieces, start plaiting it once, when you've done that grab a section from the front of you'r face but on the side, and add it to the piece that's under another piece on you'r left, braid that over the center piece, and do the exact same thing to the next piece on the right, grab a piece of hair and add it to the piece of hair, do the all the way down, once you get to the back of you're neck and there's no more hair to add the braid, start plaiting the ends.

4. Secure it off and you're done, slightly pull the plait so it appears thicker, add some hair spray if you wish, and that's you'r braid completed.

5. So to give this hairstyle some cuteness, you're going to add a hair piece, now for this you can use a long ribbon, or one those fabric hair pieces with the wire in them.

6. For the ribbon, place it under you'r braid, and pull both sides of the ribbon up above you'r head, now grab then place one side on top of the other side, and twist it, so it interlocks, now pill the sides down on either side of you'r head, and knot it off, if you wish you can Bobby pin it down to you'r hair for more security.

7. If you're using a wired fabric, do the same as above, place it under the braid, bring it up, place one side on top of another and twist them together.

The finished hair style!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Current Cravings!

Hey Lovelys, so today, im just going to show you all my current cravings at the moment, im sure some of you will end up craving them, so lets just jump right into it.

So that's basically it, if you need to know anything, just comment down below! x