Sunday, 8 April 2012


Hey Lovelys, so today, I'm just going to post up a few pictures of nail polish swatches of the ones I had bought yesterday, I have to say they look so darn cute on, and the nude colour you can basically, match any outfit with it!! So I'll just get right into it

The first picture, is the the 'nude' and the colour called 'salmon' as the accents, the one called 'salmon' is like a coral but in some lights is looks like a coraly orange, the light purple I yet haven't tried, but when I do I will defiantly get a picture up!


  1. such gorgeous colours! what make are they? :)

    im following! follow back? :)

  2. The brand is BYS, you can get them at Kmart, and I think target, I'm not sure where else! And I'm already following! x