Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Cute Up-Do!

Hey Lovelys, so today I'm going to do a hair tutorial, very basic but yet simply, hope you guys like it!

French braid with hair ribbon!

1. So brush you'r hair out as normal you can use a hair wax, or a foam which ever product you'd rather like to use!

2. Grab the front piece at you'r hair like, like you would when you're doing a "puff" (like snooki).

3. Now split that section into 3 pieces, start plaiting it once, when you've done that grab a section from the front of you'r face but on the side, and add it to the piece that's under another piece on you'r left, braid that over the center piece, and do the exact same thing to the next piece on the right, grab a piece of hair and add it to the piece of hair, do the all the way down, once you get to the back of you're neck and there's no more hair to add the braid, start plaiting the ends.

4. Secure it off and you're done, slightly pull the plait so it appears thicker, add some hair spray if you wish, and that's you'r braid completed.

5. So to give this hairstyle some cuteness, you're going to add a hair piece, now for this you can use a long ribbon, or one those fabric hair pieces with the wire in them.

6. For the ribbon, place it under you'r braid, and pull both sides of the ribbon up above you'r head, now grab then place one side on top of the other side, and twist it, so it interlocks, now pill the sides down on either side of you'r head, and knot it off, if you wish you can Bobby pin it down to you'r hair for more security.

7. If you're using a wired fabric, do the same as above, place it under the braid, bring it up, place one side on top of another and twist them together.

The finished hair style!

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  1. Very nice! I wish I had straight hair to do looks like this =)