Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Make-Up Tutorial!

Hey Lovelys, So today, i'll be giving you guys another make-up tutorial, so this look is more of a pinky corally eye look, its great for summer and spring, but since its coming into winter here Australia, its not such a wintery look, so below, ill put step by step and then below that a few photos for ya'll! plus its pretty easy!

Pink Corally Eye;

1. grab a coral eyeshadow, and place that on the lid and in the crease also, no higher then the crease though, do that on boths eyes.

2. get a pink eyeshadow and place that right on top of it, with a fluffy brush, just about the crease blend out any harsh lines.

3. grab a purple eyeshadow, you can have it as dark as you want, its totally up to you, now place the purple in the crease and the outter corner of you'r lid, and blend in, Go in with a fluffy brush again, and blend out any harsh lines.

4. get a creamy white shimmery colour and place that into you'r inner corners (tearducts) to give you'r eyes a bit of a pop!

5. This step is optional,  i didn't do it, as i was going to be washing this off, but you can add a liquid eyeliner to you'r top lash line, you can if you want also add eyeliner (pencil) to you'r waterline, and you can add mascara, i think with all 3 done, it would look amazing.

Thats the whole look lovelys, if you tried this out, be sure to leave a link or your blog, if you post it on you'r blog, below, ill definitely go and check it out, and if you're needing to know anything, just leave a comment below, and i'll get back to you ASAP! <3

Did you like/love the look?
What did you think about it?


Sunday, 27 May 2012

My Top 17 YouTube Beauty Gurus!

Hey Lovelys, So today im just bringing you my top 17 youtube beauty gurus, These the 17 Beauty Gurus that i watch all the time, they're all so amazing, so what i'll do is ill put their youtube names down below and the URL to their YouTube, you all should go and check them out, and Subscribe, imsure they'll aprieciate it, and you should hopefully love them all!

1. ThatsHeart;

2. Meghanrosette;

3. Grav3yardgirl;

4. Meganheartsmakeup;

5. Letsmakeitup1;

6. Sarahbelle93x;

7. Hayleyistcb;

8. Zoella;

9. BubzBeauty;

10. Arose186;

11. Lolufullyloaded;

12. Smokeypinkloepard;

13. Luxyhair;

14. Juicystar07;

15. SparkliebarbieXO;
16. MakeupbyAlli;

17. Macbarbie07;

They are all my top 17, start clicking and enjoy, hope you all enjoy their channels, if needing to know anything just comment below, and ill get back to you ASAP! <3

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Hey Lovelys, So i've been pretty slack with not putting anything up on my blog, im kind of going through a rough stage at the moment, and im also quite behind in my school work so, those things have been keeping me behind, so tomorrow i should be back on scheldual, hopefully!

i just wanted to give you guys just a short update on why i haven't been posting reguarly, and now you guys know!!

i love ya'll muchly, and there will be a post up tomorrow!! <3

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Product Review; Fing'rs Nail Bling!

Hey Lovelys, so about few weeks ago, i ended up getting sent Fing'rs Nail Bling, i actually had won them from their facebook fan page, which i will link right below, if you want to check that out;


Now, i'll put two pictures below, of the packaging and the cute little "Congrats" card also

So these, Nail blings, look pretty darn awesome once they are on you'r nails, im not quite sure, how much they are, i wouldn't say "i love them" i had to cut them down to my nail length and at the end of my nail where i had cut it, after a few hours, it started peeling of, only the tip of it, and after it had done that, it was fine, they are still stuck on my nails, ill put a picture below of what it looks like on, for ya'll to see it, you can of course,put it on all you'r nails, but it only comes with 14 sticker applications, but of course, you can if you like put them all you'r fingers, if you where going to a party or something fancy, its prerogative on what you do with them, but overall, they are pretty good, and i do recommend them!
so theres a picture above of what it looks l ike on, the nail polish is "Pink Friday" by Nicki Minja, and the Nail Bling is just my accent.

So thats all for today, i hope you all enjoyed, if you're needed to know anything, just leave a comment  below, and i'll get back to ASAP! <3

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Textiles Assessment!

Hey Lovelys, so today im just going to show you all, my textiles assessment, its irrelevent to my blog, i know, but i wanted to share it with you all, i have to say im very proud of myself, this baby, is why i wasn't blogging lately, it ended up taking me a day and a half straight doing it, i will put the pictures below for ya'll.
Let me know what ya'll think of it?  and if you're needing to know anything just leave a comment below and i'll get back to you! x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Hey Lovelys, so sorry, that I haven't been posting frequently lately, just a lot is going on at the moment, I'm a bit behind in school work, there's assignments after assignments!

I will definitely be putting up a beauty post tomorrow!! I'm not sure what kind of post.

What next blog post would you all like to see?

Also I'll be doing a questions and answers blog post, so hit me up with some question at my email, which is just in my info tab on your right side up the top! :3

I'd love to see what you have to ask me! So sorry once again for the lack of posts, hope you all enjoy the rest of the night! <3 x

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Collective Haul!

Hey Lovelys, so today im just going to be doing a collective haul, most of these products you've probably already seen in most of my blog posts, so im just going to get right into it!

First product, is a hair towel, i've mentioned this in my hair care routine! its amicro-fibre hair towel that makes the proccess of drying your haor quicker, this was bought at target!

The next product is the womens night multivitamins, these i have yet not mentioned on my blog, but basically what you do is, you take it after you have something to eat and before you go to bed, they are basically ment to repair cells, help to relax the body, also give you alot more energy and a few other things aswell,

Next is a packet of nail polish removal wipes, these are amazing, you can use 1 for both hands, really recommend picking one of these up!

Next are 3 BYS nail polishes, first one is nude, the second one is Lavender and the 3rd is a coral colour thats ment to change colours with the tempreture of your hands.

Next product, is also another nail polish its a sally hanson, base and top coat, this stuff is amazing, a little pricey i think it was around $10, im not to sure, but it works amazingly well.

Next product is my Biore steam cleanser, i do have a review for that, and i will put the link in the comments, if you're wondering on how it works, etc..

Next 2 products are my both Rokk Ebony, heat shampoo and conditioner, these are amazing, and i mean amazing, they dont make your hair oily or anything!

The next product os also another Rokk Ebony product and it's the heat protectant, this is also really good, you can put as much  as you want in your hair and it doesnt make it oily.

And the last product is my Cedel Dry Shampoo, this stuff is great, works really well.

So that's basically it, i hope you all enjoyed, needing to know anything just leave a comment below, and i'll get back to you! <3 x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

April Favourites!

Hey Lovelys, so i know im 3 days past april, but i really wanted to do it, so im really sorry that its 3 days over april, but this month, i really havent been using much at all, only a few things and thats about it, but ill get straight into it.

The first 2 products are my Rokk Ebony heat shampoo and conditioner

3rd product is of course, my Rokk Ebony heat protectant, this is also pricey but is amazing, you can put as much as you want in your hair, and it doesn't make your hair oily, what so ever, and the shampoo, conditioner and heat protectant smell amazing, i also recommend this!

4th product is my Cedel dry shampoo, i've only used this once but it worked amazingly, this product was also pricey it was about $8, but totally recommend this product aswell.

Next is obviously, the DIY lip scrub, i do have a post of this right below this post if you're interested in making it yourself, so easy and it works amazingly,

Last product is mt Argan oil hair treatment, this stuff is amazing, i mean its amazing, it is of course quite expensive, but its so worth the money, it gives you shinney smooth hair, i just put this mainly on the ends of my hair sometimes, it'll put it from my ears down the ends of my hair.

Thats basically everything, theres not much at all, but i hope you guys enjoyed, if needing to know anything just comment below, and i'll get back to you ASAP! <3 x