Sunday, 27 May 2012

My Top 17 YouTube Beauty Gurus!

Hey Lovelys, So today im just bringing you my top 17 youtube beauty gurus, These the 17 Beauty Gurus that i watch all the time, they're all so amazing, so what i'll do is ill put their youtube names down below and the URL to their YouTube, you all should go and check them out, and Subscribe, imsure they'll aprieciate it, and you should hopefully love them all!

1. ThatsHeart;

2. Meghanrosette;

3. Grav3yardgirl;

4. Meganheartsmakeup;

5. Letsmakeitup1;

6. Sarahbelle93x;

7. Hayleyistcb;

8. Zoella;

9. BubzBeauty;

10. Arose186;

11. Lolufullyloaded;

12. Smokeypinkloepard;

13. Luxyhair;

14. Juicystar07;

15. SparkliebarbieXO;
16. MakeupbyAlli;

17. Macbarbie07;

They are all my top 17, start clicking and enjoy, hope you all enjoy their channels, if needing to know anything just comment below, and ill get back to you ASAP! <3


  1. i follow most of those girls too :) i recently found 'bunny' from grav3yard girl, she is so funny!

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

    1. I have to agree.

      Bunny, is pretty funny, and she has a pretty good fashion sense also, and loves her subscribers! which always good to find a beauty guru like that! x