Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Make-Up Tutorial!

Hey Lovelys, So today, i'll be giving you guys another make-up tutorial, so this look is more of a pinky corally eye look, its great for summer and spring, but since its coming into winter here Australia, its not such a wintery look, so below, ill put step by step and then below that a few photos for ya'll! plus its pretty easy!

Pink Corally Eye;

1. grab a coral eyeshadow, and place that on the lid and in the crease also, no higher then the crease though, do that on boths eyes.

2. get a pink eyeshadow and place that right on top of it, with a fluffy brush, just about the crease blend out any harsh lines.

3. grab a purple eyeshadow, you can have it as dark as you want, its totally up to you, now place the purple in the crease and the outter corner of you'r lid, and blend in, Go in with a fluffy brush again, and blend out any harsh lines.

4. get a creamy white shimmery colour and place that into you'r inner corners (tearducts) to give you'r eyes a bit of a pop!

5. This step is optional,  i didn't do it, as i was going to be washing this off, but you can add a liquid eyeliner to you'r top lash line, you can if you want also add eyeliner (pencil) to you'r waterline, and you can add mascara, i think with all 3 done, it would look amazing.

Thats the whole look lovelys, if you tried this out, be sure to leave a link or your blog, if you post it on you'r blog, below, ill definitely go and check it out, and if you're needing to know anything, just leave a comment below, and i'll get back to you ASAP! <3

Did you like/love the look?
What did you think about it?



  1. Nice look!


  2. i love coral! every time I try it i end up looking bruised!


    1. Aww, i'm sure, if you used a darker coral and make it more smokey, i think it would look great! x