Saturday, 31 March 2012


Hey Lovelys, so today's post is just going to be an update and a rant, so basically for the update, i was wondering if you guys want to give my questions for me to answer, you can email them to me, or just comment right below? what do you guys think, my email, is of course in my profile info, so you can just grab it straight from there.

As for my rant, it's not really a "rant", im some ways it is, owell, so everyone is totally obsessing about the 'Hunger Games' i dont understand, why it's so good, nor why everyone is obsessing over it for? im not even sure on what it's about, so if you've seen it, or know what it is about, please comment below and explain what it's about c:

also, can you guess comment below if you're interested in a certain post, that you want me to do, im sure i can look andd think about it, and try it out.

so that's mainly it for today, know anything about the hunger games leave a comment below, hope you guys enjoyed, <3

Friday, 30 March 2012

Make-up Tutorial!

Hey Lovelys, so today is going to be another tutorial, this is going to be a golden smokey eye, im sure everyone can do this, also before i start, if you wear concelar and/or foundation, put that on before hand, i mean, you'd do that anyway, So today, all you will need is a shimmery gold, and matte brown and shimmery cream colour, and i know people are going to ask if i wear foundation and such, No i actually don't, im still trying to find a really good mineral loose powder foundation, that's not to expensive, i very much dislike wearing liquid foundation, i hate the feel of it on my skin, but also the other reason i don't want to wear foundation, is that i have acne prone skin, which means its oily, but also open pores, so if you know any mineral loose powder foundation that wont clog pores, leave a comment below.

Golden Smokey Eye;

1. prime you'r eyes, as normal, get you'r golden eye shadow, and place that right onto the lid, dont place on the crease and above.

2. get you'r shimmery cream colour and place on the top, just above your crease, now blend that out, so theres no harsh lines.

3. place your matte brown right into the crease and blend in, also add the to your outer lid, and you can wing that out ot keep it more casual and curved in.

4. get that same cream colour and place that onto you'r inner corner of you'r eye (the tear duct).

5. this is optional to where you'r wearing this look, you can if you like had some liquid eye liner onto the lash line and have a cute little wing look, and also add mascara, if you want to wear some mascara. and if you like you can add a lipstick, a nude lip would be more appropriate

finished look;
 Hope you guys enjoyed! <3

Thursday, 29 March 2012

OPI Nail Polish Collection!

Hey Lovelys, so today im going to show you my OPI Nail Polish collection, there really is not much at all, i actually got all these nail polishes off my mum, so i actually didn't buy them, i had them bought a shipped here to Australia from America, as we only have nail salons and other beauty batches like that selling them, and it basically costs the earth to purchase them there, and they only have a few colours and thats about it, so it's a lot cheaper for me to buy them off-line and get them shipped here, so ill just get right into it now.

The first set, is of course my Nicki Minaj collection, i love all of these,  the only 2 im kinda dissapointed about is, the 2 glittery ones, the black glittery one, when i put it on, the black is to thin, and the glitters, don't spread evenly, plus when you take it off with nail polish remover,  the glitters stick all over you'r skin, and you have to end up scratching it off you'r hands and thats the same thing with the silver glitter one,  the rest of the colours are amazing on!

2nd collection, is of course, th "best of the best" there is 5 mini opi nail polishes in this pack, the only ones i have actually worn so far out of them, is big apple red and You dont know Jacques, they are amazing on, i still have the others yet to wear.

and the last collection, is the little romantics, i love this set, and they all look amazing on, this set is also the minis. Also lets just take a moment to say, how damn cute the packaging is.

so that is my OPI nail polish collection, i hope you guys enjoyed! <3 need to know anything, leave a comment, and i'll get back to you.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

March Favourites!

Hey Lovelys, so March has nearly already finished, it's gone so fast, so today i will be posting my march favourites, i wont talk to much, so lets get into it!

so the first favourite is my 4 wines by revlon, i think it's a 12-14 hour stay on or something like that, im not sure, but i love these, great colours, very nicely pigmented.

so the second product is my 'define-a-lash' mascara, i love this baby, it really makes my eyelashes curl back, and it sepreates my lashs apart from each other, and next goes cluggy on you'r lashes.

My third product is my little travel pack thingy, with a buffer, cutical pusher, nail pile and tweezers, i love this little back and its works wonders!

forth prodcut, is my 2 pack of nail files, i recently just bought these and they are amazing, they file really well.

fifth product, is my lip butter, this flavourite is, dark chocolate and peppermint, it sounds disgusting i know, it actually doesn't taste like that, just smell like dark chocolate and peppermint, this stuff is great for dry lips and so on.

6th product, is my Aqua Dry hair towel, by the brand QVC, it drys you'r a lot faster, as it is microfiber, i gotta say, i absolutely love it, and it does work!

7th product, is of course, my Argan Oil hair treatment serum, i love this stuff, but it is so damn expensive, but i really recomend this anyone, it works on all hair types.

8th product, is also another Argan Oil treatment, this one actually is my argan oil heat protectant spray, i love this stuff, and makes you'r hair smell absolutely amazing.

9th product, is actually a piece of clothing, is was recently in my OOTD, i've been wearing this shirt a lot lately, and absolutely love it.

10th product is also another piece of clothing, my black skinny leg jeans, i wear these babys all the time and they're so comfortable.

So that's really all for today, leave a comment, if wanting to know anything on the items, and i'll get back to you ASAP!! hope you all enjoyed. <3

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Hey Lovelys, So there's a competition going on, Not by me, although, i think i need to do a competition for you all!! So Priceline Australia is doing a few competitions actually, so im going to choice 1 that's more appropiate for my blog, i will put a picture below and a description, Plus, Pricelines Facebook URL.

Okay so this baby right below, is a skin care pack can be won of pricelines Facebook page, just to clear things up, im not doing this to be paid, thought it would be fun, to promote it myself for them.
So there is 10 skin care prize packs to be won, they are Valued at over $85 each, i will put the link right below the picture, if you guys want to snap up one of these babys, better get clicking, Entries Close Tuesday 27th March, AEST 5pm.

Pricelines Facebook URL, to the comp entry;

You also need to like the page to enter, Good Luck.

hope you all enjoyed! <3

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Product Review!

Hey Lovelys, so today, im going to do a product review for you all, it's Biore's new Steam release active cleanser, now i had bought this with my own money, and it's quite pricey, it was about $10.99, so $11.00, but it will last you a fair while, i will post a picture below, so lets get into it!

So yes i know this picture isn't clear, i hadn't actually focused me camera properly, and i accidently moved at the same time, so i will put a clear picture of it below.

so this is not originally my picture, just to make it clear to you all, so lets get into the review, this is actually quite amazing, it has steamActive beads in it, the steam from you'r shower, will activate the beads, to give you a better clean, its also very gentle on you'r face and it is infused with Green Tea and Mint, it also cleans off your make-up really well, and your face feels very refreshed and clean, it is also oil-free, which is amazing!! overall, i have to rate this at 5 stars, it's amazing and i totally recomend it, to everyone.

if you have any more questions on it, leave a question below, and i'll get back to you, hope you all enjoyed! <3

Friday, 23 March 2012

OOTD; Outfit Of The Day!

Hey Lovelys, so today im going to do an outfit of the day, these pictures are actually pre-taken, so i dont have to worry about taking them another day, i will write at the end on where i got all of these pieces of clothing, enjoy!

1st item, is a pale pink lacey top from Valleygirl, this is in a size 10, now im pretty sure this shop is only in Australia, their prices aren't high either, and their clothing is great quality, if you're someone that shops at Valleygirl, you'll know that, they always bring in the lace, feminine clothing and the "old fashion" styles. im also not quite sure how much this actually costed me.

2nd item, are my black skinny jeans, they were from JayJays, in a size 10, which i totally regret buying, they're a bit to big, i really need a 9, once again, i think this is only an Australian store, also with JayJays, they do inbetween sizings, the main sizes are 6,8,10,12,14 and so on, but jaysjays, do 6,7,8,9,10,11 and so on, these originally cost me $39.99, so pretty pricing but they're so comfortable and last for ages.

3rd thing, i thought this would really pull the outfit together, the pink is 'Pink Friday' from the Nicki Minaj Collection, the green is 'Did It On 'Em' also from the Nicki Minaj collection.

This is the final whole outfit picture, i originally had it paired with some really cute gladiater style flats, i actually dont have a picture of them, i'll try and get on and ill attach it below this writting, you can also pair it with a long necklace, which would look so cute!

Okay, so i can't actually find a picture of the shoes, so sorry guys, but i will put the link for factorie online store below for you all!

Hope you all enjoyed! <3

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Make-up Tutorial!

Hey Lovelys, Yes i know i didn't put up a blog yesterday, so sorry!! but today's blog is going to be exciting for you all, i will be doing a step by step make-up tutorial kind of thing, just in writting rather then a video, enough talk, lets get right into it!

How To; Matte Champain eye.

1. apply an eye shadow primer to you'r lids, and rub in nicely.

2. get a very slight shimmery not to shimmery, cream eye shadow, and put that into the inner side of you'r lids.

3. grab a very light champainy brown, and put that on the outerside of the lid and also put that above your crease, blend the cream colour and that together, so you have two different colours colours on you'r lid.

4. get a brown colour, not dark brown inbetween dark and light brown and very lightly put that in the middle of your lid, and blend it out, don't go above your crease/

5. get a brown toned purple, like a browny purple colour, and because its a lot dark from the rest of the lid, put the browny purple, on the outerside of your lid, only a few centermeters inwards, also put that into your crease to give a bit of depth, now just blend that in.

6. you can then put s shimmery cream colour on the inner corner of your eye (outside of your tear duct), you can also put eyeliner, and then add your favourite mascara.

so guys this is the finished look!

 hope you guys enjoyed! xx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hi Lovelys, So at the moment i'm very much out of ideas on what to do at this time of the day, so this post is dedicated to all of those who read my blog and i want you guys, to comment below on what you would like to see on my blog, im pretty sure i can do it if you guys request for it!! so comment below and tell me what you guys would like to see on my blog!

Monday, 19 March 2012


Hey Lovelys, so today, I'm quite busy and i won't be able to do a full blog-post, so an update is just going to have to do for now.
I did end up making a make-up tutorial, but it ended up failing, as for that, I didn't have any editing software, I'm still unsure of my next blog-post, what do you guys want? Hair? Make-up? Or face care? Leave a comment below and I'll do the most requested!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Autum OPI Nail Polish Favourites

Hi Lovelys, so today is going to be 'Autum nail polish favourites', so these colours arn't all Autum colours, but i do like to have a few brights on my nails through Autum time, there really isn't that many at all since i dont have tons of opi polishs, because i live in Australia, you can't buy them straight up from local stores, Example; Kmart or Target, i actually had these shipped to me from America, i orginally didn't buy them, i was actually given them for Christmas and my Birthday, so im very pleased, so let's get right into it!

First favourite is, Big apple red, im not a huge red person, but this is so cute on! i actually don't have the big size, i have the mini in this colour.

Second favourite  is, You Don't Know Jacques, i absolutely love this colour also great for winter, i also have this in the mini size.

3rd favourite is, pink friday, this picture actually is true to colour, its gorgeous on and this is from the Nicki Minaj collection, i have this in the normal size bottle, i actually have the whole collection.

4th favourite is, Fly, this also from the Nicki Minaj collection, this picture actually isn't true to colour, the colour is abit more dark, and not so blue, it's gorgeous on also!

5th Favourite is, Super Bass shatter, this is also from the Nicki Minaj collection, amazing on, and just absolutely gorgeous.

and last favourite is, Did It On 'Em, also from Nicki Minaj collection, very bright on, it's more of a green apple sort of colour, but just gorgeous.

So that is all for the favourites, all amazing colours, if you have questions on any of them leave a comment below and i'll get back to you, also there will be a make-up tutorial coming up, so stay tuned.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hair Care Routine!

Hi Lovelys! so today i'm going to post up my hair care routine, it's very basic very simple, i really don't do to much to my hair at all, i will put the image of the products below, so let's get started! (:

the first product is my 'shampoo' i use Garnier's shampoo, 'citrus-detox' as you can see below, i first was my hair with this, as normal.

Secondly, i use a totally different 'conditioner', as the product above doesn't have a matching conditioner, so i use Pantene Pro v's nature fusion, this is great, because it's light weight and it wont way you'r hair down, plus it's partly natural, so with this, i just put it in my hair from my ears right down to my ends, the reason i do this, is because my hair is naturally oily, and when you put a condition on your roots, you're putting oil straight back into you'r hair, the product above does work, keeps your hair shiny for atleast up to 3 days, plus i only wash my hair miniuim twice a week, the more you wash the more oilier it will get!

Okay so thirdly, i use a natural hair mask 'once' a week, leave it in for 3-5 minutes, just to give it a nice deep condition and partly repair my ends, this product, is quite good, i totally recommend it, as all hair products it will act differently on different hair types.

4th step, when i get out of the shower, i dry my hair, i had recently bought myself a hair towl that makes the process of drying your hair quicker, i keep that on my head for about 30 minutes to an hour, i then put a Argan oil hair treatment into my hair while it's still a tad damp, put that in from my ears down, i  run my fingers through my hair, then i put some on the end of my hair, as they do get damaged easily, from using heat tools, etc.. once i've done that, i leave the towl off and let my hair just dry naturally, this stuff doesn't make your hair oily, and you can garentee smooth hair! i also use this once a week aswell.

Okay so, when im going to be using my curler or my hair straightner, i use an argan oil heat protectant, this also doesn't make your hair oily, i only spay it in my hair from my ears down, and spray the ends aswell, if you end up spraying  'heaps' until your hair looks damp, don't worry, if you are straightning you'r hair, the damp and oily look and feel will absorb away after you finish straightning your hair, but i recommend spraying a fair amount but not much, that your hair looks damp!

So, that's basically all i ever do to my hair, nothing fancy, and nothing to much, i've notice a big improvement on my hair, ever since i started washing twice a week and doing the treatments once a week, hope you guys enjoyed it, and if you have any questions on any of the products, and pricings and where they were bought, leave a comment below, and i'll get back to you as soon as possible! (:

Friday, 16 March 2012

Hi everyone, so this post is of course 'about me' so where do i start?, hmpff...

So i absolutely love beauty and fashion, Photography, textiles; sewing, blogging and facebook, i basically made this blog because, i've recently had the urge to start a blog up on beauty and fashion, so i did so.

im still a student in high school, at this point in time, im in year 11, not sure what all the "Americans" would call that year, im still unsure of what i want to do as my career, but im sure i can figure that later on.

im quite happy at times, i do have my "down" times, but doesn't everyone?
i love exercise and all that jazz.. i do get a bit moody at times, im quite honest and loyal, and im pretty fun to be around, i defiantly love making people laugh! C:

and i basically love, hip-hop, heavy metal, and well anything with a phat beat!

that's kind of everything about me i guess, there will soon enough  be another post coming up, not sure on what yet, maybe some ideas? fashion? hair? make-up?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hi everyone, so im new to this whole blogging thing, i've seen a lot of beauty gurus blogging and that's mainly what my blog is going to be "BEAUTY" Fashion included of course, i will put a little detailed blog up soon about me, plus there's going to be more to come!
take care, everyone! <3