Thursday, 29 March 2012

OPI Nail Polish Collection!

Hey Lovelys, so today im going to show you my OPI Nail Polish collection, there really is not much at all, i actually got all these nail polishes off my mum, so i actually didn't buy them, i had them bought a shipped here to Australia from America, as we only have nail salons and other beauty batches like that selling them, and it basically costs the earth to purchase them there, and they only have a few colours and thats about it, so it's a lot cheaper for me to buy them off-line and get them shipped here, so ill just get right into it now.

The first set, is of course my Nicki Minaj collection, i love all of these,  the only 2 im kinda dissapointed about is, the 2 glittery ones, the black glittery one, when i put it on, the black is to thin, and the glitters, don't spread evenly, plus when you take it off with nail polish remover,  the glitters stick all over you'r skin, and you have to end up scratching it off you'r hands and thats the same thing with the silver glitter one,  the rest of the colours are amazing on!

2nd collection, is of course, th "best of the best" there is 5 mini opi nail polishes in this pack, the only ones i have actually worn so far out of them, is big apple red and You dont know Jacques, they are amazing on, i still have the others yet to wear.

and the last collection, is the little romantics, i love this set, and they all look amazing on, this set is also the minis. Also lets just take a moment to say, how damn cute the packaging is.

so that is my OPI nail polish collection, i hope you guys enjoyed! <3 need to know anything, leave a comment, and i'll get back to you.


  1. Thank you for the comment! I have sooo much nail polish, there's no way for me to even begin thinking about doing a post on what I have! Lol

  2. No problem, Haha, i mean you could always brake it down, nail polish freak? if i could i think i'd buy most of OPI's nail polishs, they're so good c: