Saturday, 24 March 2012

Product Review!

Hey Lovelys, so today, im going to do a product review for you all, it's Biore's new Steam release active cleanser, now i had bought this with my own money, and it's quite pricey, it was about $10.99, so $11.00, but it will last you a fair while, i will post a picture below, so lets get into it!

So yes i know this picture isn't clear, i hadn't actually focused me camera properly, and i accidently moved at the same time, so i will put a clear picture of it below.

so this is not originally my picture, just to make it clear to you all, so lets get into the review, this is actually quite amazing, it has steamActive beads in it, the steam from you'r shower, will activate the beads, to give you a better clean, its also very gentle on you'r face and it is infused with Green Tea and Mint, it also cleans off your make-up really well, and your face feels very refreshed and clean, it is also oil-free, which is amazing!! overall, i have to rate this at 5 stars, it's amazing and i totally recomend it, to everyone.

if you have any more questions on it, leave a question below, and i'll get back to you, hope you all enjoyed! <3

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