Thursday, 22 March 2012

Make-up Tutorial!

Hey Lovelys, Yes i know i didn't put up a blog yesterday, so sorry!! but today's blog is going to be exciting for you all, i will be doing a step by step make-up tutorial kind of thing, just in writting rather then a video, enough talk, lets get right into it!

How To; Matte Champain eye.

1. apply an eye shadow primer to you'r lids, and rub in nicely.

2. get a very slight shimmery not to shimmery, cream eye shadow, and put that into the inner side of you'r lids.

3. grab a very light champainy brown, and put that on the outerside of the lid and also put that above your crease, blend the cream colour and that together, so you have two different colours colours on you'r lid.

4. get a brown colour, not dark brown inbetween dark and light brown and very lightly put that in the middle of your lid, and blend it out, don't go above your crease/

5. get a brown toned purple, like a browny purple colour, and because its a lot dark from the rest of the lid, put the browny purple, on the outerside of your lid, only a few centermeters inwards, also put that into your crease to give a bit of depth, now just blend that in.

6. you can then put s shimmery cream colour on the inner corner of your eye (outside of your tear duct), you can also put eyeliner, and then add your favourite mascara.

so guys this is the finished look!

 hope you guys enjoyed! xx

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