Tuesday, 27 March 2012

March Favourites!

Hey Lovelys, so March has nearly already finished, it's gone so fast, so today i will be posting my march favourites, i wont talk to much, so lets get into it!

so the first favourite is my 4 wines by revlon, i think it's a 12-14 hour stay on or something like that, im not sure, but i love these, great colours, very nicely pigmented.

so the second product is my 'define-a-lash' mascara, i love this baby, it really makes my eyelashes curl back, and it sepreates my lashs apart from each other, and next goes cluggy on you'r lashes.

My third product is my little travel pack thingy, with a buffer, cutical pusher, nail pile and tweezers, i love this little back and its works wonders!

forth prodcut, is my 2 pack of nail files, i recently just bought these and they are amazing, they file really well.

fifth product, is my lip butter, this flavourite is, dark chocolate and peppermint, it sounds disgusting i know, it actually doesn't taste like that, just smell like dark chocolate and peppermint, this stuff is great for dry lips and so on.

6th product, is my Aqua Dry hair towel, by the brand QVC, it drys you'r a lot faster, as it is microfiber, i gotta say, i absolutely love it, and it does work!

7th product, is of course, my Argan Oil hair treatment serum, i love this stuff, but it is so damn expensive, but i really recomend this anyone, it works on all hair types.

8th product, is also another Argan Oil treatment, this one actually is my argan oil heat protectant spray, i love this stuff, and makes you'r hair smell absolutely amazing.

9th product, is actually a piece of clothing, is was recently in my OOTD, i've been wearing this shirt a lot lately, and absolutely love it.

10th product is also another piece of clothing, my black skinny leg jeans, i wear these babys all the time and they're so comfortable.

So that's really all for today, leave a comment, if wanting to know anything on the items, and i'll get back to you ASAP!! hope you all enjoyed. <3

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