Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hair Care Routine!

Hi Lovelys! so today i'm going to post up my hair care routine, it's very basic very simple, i really don't do to much to my hair at all, i will put the image of the products below, so let's get started! (:

the first product is my 'shampoo' i use Garnier's shampoo, 'citrus-detox' as you can see below, i first was my hair with this, as normal.

Secondly, i use a totally different 'conditioner', as the product above doesn't have a matching conditioner, so i use Pantene Pro v's nature fusion, this is great, because it's light weight and it wont way you'r hair down, plus it's partly natural, so with this, i just put it in my hair from my ears right down to my ends, the reason i do this, is because my hair is naturally oily, and when you put a condition on your roots, you're putting oil straight back into you'r hair, the product above does work, keeps your hair shiny for atleast up to 3 days, plus i only wash my hair miniuim twice a week, the more you wash the more oilier it will get!

Okay so thirdly, i use a natural hair mask 'once' a week, leave it in for 3-5 minutes, just to give it a nice deep condition and partly repair my ends, this product, is quite good, i totally recommend it, as all hair products it will act differently on different hair types.

4th step, when i get out of the shower, i dry my hair, i had recently bought myself a hair towl that makes the process of drying your hair quicker, i keep that on my head for about 30 minutes to an hour, i then put a Argan oil hair treatment into my hair while it's still a tad damp, put that in from my ears down, i  run my fingers through my hair, then i put some on the end of my hair, as they do get damaged easily, from using heat tools, etc.. once i've done that, i leave the towl off and let my hair just dry naturally, this stuff doesn't make your hair oily, and you can garentee smooth hair! i also use this once a week aswell.

Okay so, when im going to be using my curler or my hair straightner, i use an argan oil heat protectant, this also doesn't make your hair oily, i only spay it in my hair from my ears down, and spray the ends aswell, if you end up spraying  'heaps' until your hair looks damp, don't worry, if you are straightning you'r hair, the damp and oily look and feel will absorb away after you finish straightning your hair, but i recommend spraying a fair amount but not much, that your hair looks damp!

So, that's basically all i ever do to my hair, nothing fancy, and nothing to much, i've notice a big improvement on my hair, ever since i started washing twice a week and doing the treatments once a week, hope you guys enjoyed it, and if you have any questions on any of the products, and pricings and where they were bought, leave a comment below, and i'll get back to you as soon as possible! (:

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