Friday, 16 March 2012

Hi everyone, so this post is of course 'about me' so where do i start?, hmpff...

So i absolutely love beauty and fashion, Photography, textiles; sewing, blogging and facebook, i basically made this blog because, i've recently had the urge to start a blog up on beauty and fashion, so i did so.

im still a student in high school, at this point in time, im in year 11, not sure what all the "Americans" would call that year, im still unsure of what i want to do as my career, but im sure i can figure that later on.

im quite happy at times, i do have my "down" times, but doesn't everyone?
i love exercise and all that jazz.. i do get a bit moody at times, im quite honest and loyal, and im pretty fun to be around, i defiantly love making people laugh! C:

and i basically love, hip-hop, heavy metal, and well anything with a phat beat!

that's kind of everything about me i guess, there will soon enough  be another post coming up, not sure on what yet, maybe some ideas? fashion? hair? make-up?

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