Friday, 30 March 2012

Make-up Tutorial!

Hey Lovelys, so today is going to be another tutorial, this is going to be a golden smokey eye, im sure everyone can do this, also before i start, if you wear concelar and/or foundation, put that on before hand, i mean, you'd do that anyway, So today, all you will need is a shimmery gold, and matte brown and shimmery cream colour, and i know people are going to ask if i wear foundation and such, No i actually don't, im still trying to find a really good mineral loose powder foundation, that's not to expensive, i very much dislike wearing liquid foundation, i hate the feel of it on my skin, but also the other reason i don't want to wear foundation, is that i have acne prone skin, which means its oily, but also open pores, so if you know any mineral loose powder foundation that wont clog pores, leave a comment below.

Golden Smokey Eye;

1. prime you'r eyes, as normal, get you'r golden eye shadow, and place that right onto the lid, dont place on the crease and above.

2. get you'r shimmery cream colour and place on the top, just above your crease, now blend that out, so theres no harsh lines.

3. place your matte brown right into the crease and blend in, also add the to your outer lid, and you can wing that out ot keep it more casual and curved in.

4. get that same cream colour and place that onto you'r inner corner of you'r eye (the tear duct).

5. this is optional to where you'r wearing this look, you can if you like had some liquid eye liner onto the lash line and have a cute little wing look, and also add mascara, if you want to wear some mascara. and if you like you can add a lipstick, a nude lip would be more appropriate

finished look;
 Hope you guys enjoyed! <3

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