Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Product Review; Fing'rs Nail Bling!

Hey Lovelys, so about few weeks ago, i ended up getting sent Fing'rs Nail Bling, i actually had won them from their facebook fan page, which i will link right below, if you want to check that out;


Now, i'll put two pictures below, of the packaging and the cute little "Congrats" card also

So these, Nail blings, look pretty darn awesome once they are on you'r nails, im not quite sure, how much they are, i wouldn't say "i love them" i had to cut them down to my nail length and at the end of my nail where i had cut it, after a few hours, it started peeling of, only the tip of it, and after it had done that, it was fine, they are still stuck on my nails, ill put a picture below of what it looks like on, for ya'll to see it, you can of course,put it on all you'r nails, but it only comes with 14 sticker applications, but of course, you can if you like put them all you'r fingers, if you where going to a party or something fancy, its prerogative on what you do with them, but overall, they are pretty good, and i do recommend them!
so theres a picture above of what it looks l ike on, the nail polish is "Pink Friday" by Nicki Minja, and the Nail Bling is just my accent.

So thats all for today, i hope you all enjoyed, if you're needed to know anything, just leave a comment  below, and i'll get back to ASAP! <3

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