Thursday, 5 April 2012

Face Care Routine!

Hey Lovelys, so today, im just going to be doing a face care routine, there, really isn't much at all, i barely use any products, so im just going to jump right into it

So the first thing i do, is wash my face every morning and night, now i don't use a specific product apart from my Biore Steam active face wash, i use this only when i've been active, i just use normal hand wash soap, i felt that my other  face product that i was using before, was drying my face out, and when i didn't moistourise my face would go flaky.

secondly, i pat my face dry and put on a moistouriser, the moistouriser i use, is the clean and clear, essentials moustouriser, this is amazing, is greasy nor clog you'r pores.

After washing my face and my skin is really badly dry, i use this baby, and this is Johnson&Johnsons baby sorbolene cream, this is actually helps to get rid of the dry flaky skin.

That basically is it for my cleansing face products, but as far as pore and and brake outs are, i do use the biore ultra pore strips for my nose, these thing are amazing, but i noticed is that i had to actually steam my face first then, use the biore pore strips.
Also, when it comes to brake outs, i do squeeze the "pimples" but afterwards, i put on this PureActive, Spot roll on, this actually helps to dry the pimple and reduce the redness around it.

That is basically all for my skin care routine, i hope you guys enjoyed, there will also later be a video, of my photography, is you're interested, stay tuned, Love you all! <3

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