Tuesday, 24 April 2012

OOTD; Outfit Of The Day!

Hey Lovelys, so today is just going to be an outfit of the day! yay! so this outfit is very basic but yet cute, and now thats its Autum here, its going onto Winter, so it's starting to get a bit colder, and really can't wait for Winter, layers on layers, So i'll just get right into the outfit!

First is the shirt, a cute butterfly batwing shirt, now if you wear low waisted jeans or low waisted shorts, you will most likely see some of you'r tummy, if you're a bit hesitant to show your tummy, you can always wear a singlet underneath, totally up to you, this was orginally i think $35 or $40, i had actually got it on sale for $5 i think, im not to sure, i ended up purchasing that at Target.

Next, is my jeans, just black skinny jeans, this were about $40 from JayJays,

Next is my shoes, these where bought from Kmart, they had costed me about $40-$50, very comfortable shoes to wear, and i find they don't hurt you'r feet either, the brand of these are Sugar, im not sure, if they have a website, ill check that out for you guys, and ill put the link in the comments.

Next is Accessories, this necklace, i had also bought from Kmart, and it had costed about $10-$15, i have to say, its pretty good quality.

last but not least, the rings, the gold ring, is of course real, its i think 8 carrot gold, my bother had actually bought that for me, and the other silver ring, was also given to me by my nan, that is also real, im not sure what type silver it is, but the stones in it a real.

That's basically it for my OOTD, i hope you guys enjoy, need to know anything, comment below, ill get back to ASAP! <3 x