Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mini haul!

Hey Lovelys, So today i'm just going to a mini haul, i went out the other day, and there was so many cheap specails going on, i couldn't pass it up!! so ill just get right into it

first of all, i ended up getting a Rokk Ebony pack, it was worth over $45 and i got it for $15 what a bargain right? so as you can see below, i've only got the shampoo and conditioner in 'heat' so for styling, in the pack it came with, the shampoo and conditioner, a heat protectant, a microfibre hair towel and a paddle brush, i actually gave my Grandmother, the hair towel and the paddle brush, now i think each bottle of stuff ranges between $15-$20 so they're pretty pricey!

2nd product, is the Rokk Ebony, heat protectant, this is of course the one i got out of the pack also, im not sure how much this ranges between, most probably between $13-$15.

3rd product, is a dry shampoo, now i usually just use talc (baby powder) in between washes, but i thought, no, i should try out a dry shampoo, so while i was shopping i saw, the 'Cedel, dry shampoo' i yet haven't tried this, but this had cost $7.99, also pretty pricey.

so the last thing i had got, was a packet of nail polish removal wipes, so basically they are already, soaked with nail polish remover, this little container contains 30 wipes, and this cost $1.50, How cheap is that?

So i hope you all enjoyed, and i'll talk you all later! <3 Oh and if you need to know anything, feel free to comment and i'll get back to ASAP!

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