Saturday, 21 July 2012

Collective Haul; Target, Kmart, Chemist!

Hey lovelys, So today i have a collective haul for you, this is over about 2-3 weeks, some things, i had only bought Yesterday, So lets jump right into it!

The first thing i picked up was another Revlon nail polish, This one is more of taupey brownish colour, it's very elegant, and very put together! The name is 380 ELEGANT.

So the next thing i had picked up was about 3 or so weeks ago, and i've really been into wearing mens jumpers for winter, this jumper, i had picked on special, it was orginally $50, it was 40% so i had gotten it for $20, Bargain right?

So the next thing i bought, was a light cardigan, this was about $15 i think, i think it was originally $25, so another bargian!

Then i picked up, just a basic plain grey V neck shirt, this was on special for $3 and i think it was originally either $15 or $20.

So the last thing, i bought was a light weight scarf, i got this from Kmart, for $8, cheap, huh?
So that is everything for my Haul, i hope ya'll enjoyed it, if you're needing to
know anything just leave a comment below, and i'll get back to you ASAP. <3



  1. I really like that sweater! It's so unique! Will look awesome with the nailpolish =)

    1. hey, it will looks awesome with the nail polish, haha! x