Thursday, 19 July 2012

Update; I'm back, Middle parts, Pinterest!

Hey lovelys, so todays blog post is just going to be a quick update for ya'll, on where i've been, i've noticed, i've lost a huge amount of traffic on my blog, and i haven't had many more followers, which is sad, but it will eventually get there, hope!

So, for the past 3-4 weeks, i've been away from my Blog, i've had a lot personal stuff going on, i'm not going to go into to much details, i've also been quite stressed a lot lately, and with that said, i've a snappy, and i've been braking out, it just isn't great, and it's really unmotivated me from writting on my blog, which isn't good, because i really enjoy writting about stuff i love, so all of you guys can read it, and so forth, it actually relaxes me, and makes feel like i accomplished something.

The other day i actually ended up doing something a bit different with my hair, i did a middle part, now a middle part is one of those things, that you either love or hate, and personally i love it, so i finally decided to give it a try, and i don't mind it on me actually, i've been told that i actually look like an actor?!

I also not long ago, got pinterest, probably about a month ago, and i havent been able to get a chance to talk about it in my blog, so i thought i would now, there isn't much to talk about it, apart from, you guys can follow me if you like, it's just where i can kind of get inspired, and it's really fun, i'll have it linked below for ya'll.

so i think that wraps up for my blog today, i love ya'll who take the time to read my blog, it is very much appreciated, <3


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