Sunday, 29 July 2012

Miley Cyrus Signed Poster!

Hey lovelys, so are any of you guys a Miley Cyrus fan and always wanted a signed poster? Well you're in luck, i was searching through Gumtree earlier, and came across a signed poster by Miley Cyrus, if any of you guys are interested, i will leave the link for it below, and good luck to whoever purchases it!

This post is a pretty short one, but just wanted to kind of update ya'll on that, and once again good luck lovelys!

Gumtree Link;

Did ya'll have a look?
Ya'll interested in it?
and would any of ya'll buy it?

I hope ya'll enjoyed my little post, if needing to know anything just leave a comment below, and i'll get back to ASAP, love ya'll <3 

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